Team Development

When presence expands, so does graceful communication, creativity, intuition, and productivity. Presence Practice® is the perfect professional development tool for any team. 

We offer virtual breakouts that support the needs of employees seeking to increase mindfulness and presence at work, as well as athletes who want to be more team-oriented.

Your PRESENCE is requested… at work. Bring the whole you. We will show you how. 

Presence Practice® for the Conscious Team

Rates Vary 

Are you a part of a team, or a team leader within a business, and interested in cultivating more presence and community in the workplace?

These group sessions are perfect for Professional Cohorts ready to up level their energy, team synergy, and bring more presence to their passion and profession.

In this virtual breakout session, learn how to see past the “earth stuff” and the “water cooler gossip” to find states of experience, as well as a depth of connection that you didn’t know was possible with your professional team. This offering provides your team with the tools to create powerful momentum-filled collaborations, flow, synergy, and collective magnetism. Manifest your team’s professional dreams through presence.