1-on-1 Coaching

“You are your own best Guru and any spiritual teacher worth their salt will guide you to yourself. I am a conduit for you to access your own wisdom.”

– Lyndsay Hailey

Whether you are “having a moment” or just ready to reach new levels of consciousness and presence through experience, a Presence Practice® 1-on-1 session can assist.

Up Level Session 

$175 | 50 minute session 

Perfect for those ready for a “leveling up” experience.

Fill your soul to the brim with expansive energy. In this session, we will enter the present moment and further ignite your joyful consciousness. Reach states of ecstasy and open yourself to your own profound epiphanies and wisdom. We will expand as much as our collective presence will allow. Come into this up level session without a narrative or an expectation and just fill up the tank. We dare ya.

Trauma Release 5000

$175 | 50 minute session 

Ideal for those in need of releasing trauma from major life events, pandemic processing, career changes, depression, breakups, divorce, death, life-path orientation, and illness.

In these sessions, we will clear away energetic debris, thought-forms, and perspectives that separate you from your wisdom. You will be guided out of your head and into an expansive state of BEing where you access your own wisdom. Lyndsay will hold space for you to answer your own questions and reframe why this event or moment is happening for you, not to you.